Blazer Dress with Pearl Buttons

When shopping offline, I tend to wander aimlessly and be moored occasionally by interesting fabrics and unique shapes, but browsing online is a more deliberate process guided by search terms and filters. The latter predictably produces more misses than hits, because it’s easy to distort two-dimensional images (e.g., color-correcting unflattering shades, and slimming tent-like shapes).

I remind myself, when online shopping, to not fall in love with product pages, because it’s so easy to idealize something that has been heavily edited and expertly marketed. Still, it’s difficult to avoid building expectations when something checks every one of your boxes.

Rarely do I find something that so closely resembles what I would commission myself, but this “blazer dress with pearl buttons” from Zara is exactly what I would manufacture if I had a line of workwear: it is both a blazer and a dress, has perfectly puffed sleeves, and is adorned with pearl buttons. I would’ve preferred it with full-length sleeves, but this small imperfection is easily overcome.

(I do want to note that the dress is constructed entirely out of synthetic materials—the outer shell is 64% polyester, 32% viscose, and 4% elastane, and the fit needs some adjustment on a short person—I hastily narrowed the torso slightly and shortened the sleeves myself here, but will get it professionally done.)

Zara Blazer Dress with Pearl Buttons (size XS) || Aerie Lace Bralette (size S) || Tory Burch Robinson Convertible Shoulder Bag (also here) || Tiered Pearl Necklace via eBay || Michael Kors Runway Gold-Tone Chronograph Watch || Kate Spade Idiom Heart of Gold Bangle || Ann Taylor Mila Leather Pumps (size 6.5)

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