White Sheath Dress

Every closet houses trophy pieces: for some, it’s a pair of sky-high Louboutin stilettos; for others, it might be a vintage designer find. Like real trophies, trophy pieces have rich backstories.

The essence of being a trophy piece entails a life spent (mostly) hanging in a closet, which stands in contrast to workhorse pieces, which lead busier lives alternating between being worn and being cleaned. As a fairly impractical person who makes rash buying decisions, I own many trophy pieces. But I have, in recent years, made more of an effort to wear them (even when they are occasion-inappropriate). While white sheath dresses rank low in the realm of impractical attire, they announce a presence as loudly as a sequined number. For this reason, I haven’t worn my Alice + Olivia Natural Birch Boat Neck Dress (this style is several years old; link points to an old product page) as often as I might if it had a darker, more muted color.

But one thing is certain: I am as in love with this dress today as I was when I bought it. It makes me stand a little straighter, and walk with a spring in my steps. For all my talk about thinking critically about your purchases, what makes fashion fun are these impractical purchases that make getting dressed a special event.

Alice + Olivia Natural Birch Boat Neck Dress (size 0; past season) || Tiered Pearl Necklace || Michael Kors Runway Gold-Tone Chronograph Watch || Kate Spade Idiom Heart of Gold Bangle || Chanel Westminster Flap || Kate Spade Licorice Leather Pumps (size 7)

I’m currently working on a sale roundup for the long weekend; stay tuned!

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