Not Slozy

Slozy (a portmanteau combining slutty and cozy) is en vogue, with countless upsides. I am all about looking square and presentable when I leave the house, but in private I have fully embraced slozy (it is also a perfectly acceptable outdoor aesthetic). There is much to love, chiefly in how it reframes questionable life choices: you invite concern when you spend a whole day watching Netflix and eating Nutella straight from the jar in ratty sweats, but your life is Instagram-worthy when you do the same activity in a lace bralette, matching silk boxer shorts, an oversized cardigan, and quirky wool socks

The best part about slozy-dressing is that it’s infinitely customizable. You alone decide in what way you will be comfortable and which body parts to exhibit. (See? It’s all upsides.)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Moleskin Coat (past season; similar here) || Zara Batwing Sleeve Sweater in Ecru (size S)|| Banana Republic Ivory Box Pleat Skirt (past season; similar here) || Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Small Satchel Bag in Fog Gray (also here and here) || Kate Spade New York Plaid Blanket Scarf (past season) || Ann Taylor Petra Buckle Booties (past season)

Speaking of cozy, this super cozy Hooded Anorak with Faux Fur Trim that I own is 55% off at Nordstrom. Sizes are fairly complete still. For those looking for something longer, the Halogen® Hooded Parka with Faux Fur Trim is also on sale.

Halogen® Hooded Anorak with Faux Fur Trim

Happy shopping!

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