Weekend Link Roundup

Kate Spade Olive Drive Brigette Bag

▪ New styles have been added to Kate Spade‘s extra 30% off sale (enter code SPRINKLES at checkout), including the Kate Spade Olive Drive Brigette Bag that I’ve blogged about a few times before. I prefer it to the Kate Spade New York® Clement Street Brigette Tote (see here), which is almost identical in design except with a less dramatic bow. If you are looking for something a bit larger, consider the Olive Drive Savannah Tote.

▪ Other standouts from the sale section: Massey Court Melodie Bag, Pearls of Wisdom Y Necklace (also sold at Nordstrom and Zappos), Leonard Street Mariel Bag, Lydia Heels (new colors added), Mixed Lace Top, Dress the Part Mask Cuff, Glitter Ear Buds and Portable Charger Gift Set, Scallop Pocket, and Earmuff with Satin Bow.

▪ I may have read a few too many dystopian novels, because my first thought, after reading this Telegraph article about how scientists are close to reverse aging in mammals, was, “have they read Super Sad True Love Story?” This might not end well. And I hope they conduct human trials very carefully. (Also, if you read the paper it references, the findings are less groundbreaking than the lede would have you think.)

▪ Drug wars are notoriously difficult to wage, and I don’t presume to know which approach would yield an optimal outcome. What I do know is that Rodrigo Duterte’s way is bloody. If you are queasy, this link is best saved for an empty stomach: A New York Times photojournalist documented 57 deaths in 35 days.

▪ I am (objectively) bad at debating, so appreciate this piece in Vox which highlights the importance of empathy, mindfulness, and restraint when engaging in a debate.

▪ I started reading the Psychopath Test this week, which has been on my to-read list for years, but kept being bumped for other titles, because I really struggle to finish books about psychopathy (I still don’t know if I actually finished The White Knight Syndrome, as I skipped around a lot when I read it). I finally got started, figuring I should probably cross it off my list before its film adaptation arrives in theaters. For more on the topic, you may like Jon Ronson’s TED talk from 2012 (an interesting talk, but I could do without the eerie soundtrack). 

ModCloth is running an amazing one-day sale: Take 40% off everything plus get free shipping on all orders with code HAULIDAY. Find its bestsellers here. My picks: My Main Manhattan Shawl, Cat’s the Way I Like It Mug, Willamette for the Weekend Scarf in Saffron, Knit the Big Time Sweater Dress, and Thanks So Matcha Tea Set in Coastline. I recently ordered the Pusheen Your Buttons Hat and can’t wait to get it.

▪ The third season of Mozart in the Jungle was finally released last week and I binge watched the season in (close to) one sitting. I really like the arc in Italy the season opened with; it was a lovely distraction from union disputes in New York, which was a part of season two that I watched with dread. And in trying to find more singing clips, I came across this page which links to videos of some pretty amusing moments in opera. 

▪ I didn’t realize rain boots were “polarizing” until I read this Racked piece about the utility of rain boots. For me, anyway, they are worth the money (or I wouldn’t own like six pairs). I will say that rain boots + sock liners have saved me from losing toes in New England winters, and that, to me, makes them priceless.

▪ A subreddit that I’ve been spending a lot of time on in the last few weeks is r/NatureIsFuckingLit. It’s got some seriously amazing stuff on it (like this chimp and a mola mola). However, If you have trypophobia, you may want to stay far way, because there are things like coral reef spawning on it (please don’t click on this if you don’t like irregular patterns or porous objects).

▪ A few recent purchases that I really like: Cotton Emporium Turtleneck Sweater Dress (this also looks promising), Tory Burch Robinson Convertible Shoulder Bag, Forever 21 Surplice Maxi Dress, and Balloon-Sleeve Pullover.

Have a great weekend, all!

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