Review: Nordstrom Off-the-Shoulder Knit Bodycon Dresses

NSR Off the Shoulder Body-Con Sweater Dress // Grey // Size Small

After donating or repurposing a number of older sweater dresses this month, I finally feel ready for new purchases. One of the first styles I looked at is off-the-shoulder dresses. The marriage of a cold weather item and a warm weather concept may seem odd at first, but once you get past the initial dissonance, the combination will start to grow on you.

I opted to look at more formfitting options first, as I already have many oversized sweater dresses.

Style NSR Off the Shoulder Body-Con Sweater Dress in Grey; also available in burgundy and black
Material 63% polyester, 32% rayon, and 5% spandex; thin, but really soft.
Fit Sizes run S-XL. The ribbed fabric is incredibly soft and stretches easily, but it will cling to your body. If you are conscious not to show every lump and bump, sizing up may help. I ordered a size S in this, which is long (in both overall and sleeve lengths) on 5’2 me without some strategic scrunching. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone shorter than me.
Price $62—it’s reasonable, but not a bargain.
Decision I am undecided, but lean toward keeping this. The material is really soft, but the length is awkward on me. You also can’t wear jackets normally (or carry a tote with short straps on your shoulder) when you wear most off-the-shoulder dresses.

Top: worn as designed
Bottom: Scrunched to end above the knee

Style Cotton Emporium Off the Shoulder Knit Body-Con Dress in burgundy; also available in black
Material Light- to Medium-weight; 88% acrylic and 12% nylon. I don’t think this dress would last more than one-two seasons, or a dozen washes.
Fit: Runs XS-L. The style fits 5’2 me pretty well off the rack in a size XS so I would say it’s fairly true to size. Taller women may need to size up for the extra length.
Price $49, which isn’t unreasonable for a style that is currently in-season.
Decision Returned. I am a much bigger fan of the material used for the NSR Off the Shoulder Dress, so this was an easy pass. I do like the fit, but the material leaves something to be desired.

Cotton Emporium Off the Shoulder Knit Body-Con Dress // Size XS // Burgundy

Here are a few more options to consider:

Happy shopping!

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