Review: Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Ankle Strap Sandal + Steve Madden Stecy Sandal

Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Ankle Strap Sandal in Adobe Aniline vs Steve Madden Stecy Sandal in Natural Smooth

High-heel sandals in one’s skin tone are shoes that many women would find useful to own. I’ve tried a number of different styles in the last year but ultimately came back to these two: Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Ankle Strap Sandals and Steve Madden Stecy Sandals, perennial best-sellers in their category.

While pitting a pair of $400 shoes against a pair of $80 shoes doesn’t yield a fair comparison, the two styles are similar enough in appearance that I decided to lump them together in one post.

SIZING I sized up in the “Stecy,” which has narrow footbeds and a high arch. The “Nudistsong” fits more true to size (if not a little long length-wise).

COMFORT Both styles have four-inch stiletto heels and thin ankle straps, which make them poor walking shoes. I ended up keeping the “Stecy,” which felt fine when walking short distances on carpeted floors, but left behind painful patches of raw skin when I tested them out on asphalt-concrete surfaces (1-1.5 miles nearly crippled me).

The “Nudistsong” felt slightly more comfortable and more cushioned at the sole than the “Stecy,” but the difference isn’t significant. I only wore them indoors for a few minutes, so can’t speak to their long-term comfort.

Left: Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Ankle Strap Sandal in size 6.5 Right: Steve Madden Stecy Sandal in size 7

I kept the “Stecy” because I liked the color and the look, but will be wearing them sparingly or when I don’t anticipate doing much walking. I think using Bodyglide and adding cushions to the straps will fend off friction blisters and raw skin, but these shoes will never be “walking shoes.”

Both styles (including the Nudistsong‘s slightly taller counterpart, the “Nudist“) rarely go on sale in “seasonless” colors—think tan and black, but are sometimes included in buy more, save more or anniversary events.

The “Stecy” is currently on sale at Amazon in a number of colors, including “Blush Patent” which is 60% off in all sizes.

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