Weekend Link Roundup

1. I collaborated with eBay recently to create a “clothing hacks” guide, which featured some of my favorite (read: old) tricks to refresh my wardrobe without buying anything new. 

2. A deceptively titled article on how to “look good” while trying to survive the cold; the satire and “duh” are strong with this one.

3. Less cringey: a look at New York Fashion Week street style via the New York Times.

4. I can’t explain why I did it, but I just bought a Burberry raincoat (also here, here, and here). I have had my eye on it for months and finally pulled the trigger. I am oddly optimistic about this purchase, which isn’t a positive sign.

5. This plaid cashmere scarf, in three pretty colorways, is on sale at Bloomingdale’s. I had offered it as an alternative to the Burberry heritage check scarf in another post.

6. I don’t want to belabor the point, but New England is cold right now. As a result, I am baking up a storm and eating my SAD-related feelings. I recently tried this Ferrero Rocher cupcake recipe but was not very impressed with the result. It may be one of those things that’s better in theory than in practice (though I did leave out the cream cheese…)

7. The subscription box craze is at a new high (or low?) Would you pay $150 for an Adidas subscription box?

8. Currently coveting all the colorful tweed and printed styles in J. Crew’s new arrivals section. This Tweed Jacket with Zippers is calling my name.

9. The power of branding: designer anything can potentially lead to better performance? (Seriously, who commissioned and paid for this study?)

10.This week in “impulsive purchases”: the Kate Spade Sunny Daisy Organza Bow Dress. (Also loving this Double Bow Back Dress, Rose Lace Fit-and-Flare dress, and Lydia Heels, which is Kate Spade’s twee take on the Valentino Rockstuds).

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