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I’ve teamed up with thredUP to share how adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe can quickly update your look. For a spring wardrobe refresher, I added the following items: a floral sheath dress, a taupe crossover sweater, and a colorblock skirt.

Items that most easily refresh a wardrobe are ones that feature a bold print or have a unique shape. Case in point: the floral sheath dress has a number of colors in the print that make it effortless to style; depending on your mood and the occasion, you can contrast the print with brighter or more muted colors. Above I have taken a more conservative approach, wearing the dress with blue and black, but you can easily take the other route and use bright pink and turquoise blue. The slightly puffed cap sleeves also add visual interest.

And this medium taupe wrap front sweater is slouchy, but drapes beautifully. The crossover neckline lets you casually show off a base layer or a piece of jewelry.

While I initially struggled to style this colorblock skirt, finding most of the greens in my wardrobe to be a shade off the loden green on the skirt, it has quickly become one of my new favorite pieces. The taxi yellow is eye-catching and serves as the perfect foil to the subdued green, black, and beige. The black waistband also allows the skirt to be worn easily with black tops (not shown is a look with a black turtleneck) and transforms it into a one-piece.

For those who asked, I will discuss shopping thredUP in another post; I also ordered a Clean Out Bag from them and sent in some like-new or brand new items. I will talk about both experiences in more detail.

Lastly, for those of you who are new to thredUP, you can use code 40FORYOU at checkout for 40% off your first purchase.

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