Weekend Link Roundup

1. I was running an errand some time ago and saw this fluffball just chilling in his car (I use male pronouns for all dogs that I meet, until corrected). I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. (I really need to get my own dog.)

2. A heartbreaking read: Baby Doe via the New Yorker. (Related link: The Poverty Clinic.)

3. My favorite purchase this week is the Free People Sheila Hacci Top (also here, here, and here). Order one or two sizes down, since this top is cut generously. I am excited to wear this with an Aerie Lace Bralette and pleather pants.

4. A friend shared this spellbinding video that showcases the usefulness of binder clips on Facebook. I immediately made myself a phone stand with two binder clips (it’s slightly wobbly but hey, it’s free-ish). To think I almost spent $8 on a “real” stand

5. 21 Things You Need If You Love Pigs via Buzzfeed. (I don’t love pigs but the items linked are pretty cute.)

6. Items in Nordstrom’s sale section have been further discounted; select items are now up to 80% off. 

7. I started reading American Prometheus (a biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer) this week and, at my current rate, it may take me six weeks to finish this. I’m always looking for book recommendations, feel free to send me your Goodreads page link.

8. I am surprised to see the Madewell Zip Transport Tote with Pockets marked down online. I don’t need this bag but am very tempted.

9. And… we have a winner. Gerber recently chose its new spokesbaby. (Warning: she is adorable. May cause cute aggression.)

Have a great weekend, all!

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