Sumissura: Made-to-Measure Coat

While I am lucky enough to be able to shop off-the-rack, with an occasional garment requiring minor alterations, custom made clothing still makes me slightly giddy (especially when made with love).

I have long been curious about the bevy of e-tailers that offer made-to-measure garments at reasonable prices (my eShakti experience from years ago had been positive) but, as someone who succumbs easily to instant gratification, I have not taken the plunge.

Some months ago, an agent from Sumissura, sibling company of Tailor4Less, reached out to me and asked me to try their services for free, with no expectations of a reciprocal post (though, as you can see, I’ve elected to write this review to share my experience).

Sumissura has a wide range of categories for which it offers made-to-measure options, from suits to blouses to accessories. I decided to try a coat and a shirt.

A side note on terminology: “custom made” is a generalized term that has been used to describe indiscriminately anything to which modifications have been made; “bespoke” is reserved for garments that were made from patterns drafted from scratch (thus more individualized than MTM), typically require several fittings to complete, and were traditionally hand-sewn; and “made-to-measure” allows customizing existing patterns to fit the wearer’s body and also a degree of freedom in choosing which options to implement or remove. 

Sumissura is a made-to-measure shop and, for coats, allows you to customize the style, fabric, and accents. Within these realms you can also dictate the type of collar/pockets/belt/sleeves, change the width of the lapel, add elbow patches, and specify other changes.

I chose options that were “safe” (though not always easy to do well) and provided measurements (10 of them, specifically) from a coat that fit me well (with appropriate tweaks). I was also asked my height, weight, and “shape” (if my hips/abdomen/chest/buttocks were small/narrow, fairly small/fairly narrow, “average,” fairly full/wide, or full/wide).

My coat and shirt, from date of order to date of delivery, took about three weeks to arrive. I was pleased with the overall look of the coat but found that it fit me loosely throughout and I was unsure if the measurements I had provided them were incorrect or if they purposely erred on the side of larger to account for vanity reporting.

The fabric was comfortable and warm, though lint prone and falls somewhat short of my expectations of something that is “100% cashmere” and requires an adder.

I had requested diagonal pockets with buttons but was disappointed that the buttons were merely decorative.

Overall, I thought the price was reasonable for the product that I received, though I would happily pay more for better fabric and functional accents.

As Sumissura is a custom shop, it does not have a return policy. Should your made-to-measure garments fit improperly, Sumissura will refund $50 in alteration costs for suits and coats, $35 for jackets, or $20 for pants, shirts, and skirts, for a local tailor to remedy the issue. Or, if the issue cannot be overcome, Sumissura will replace the item (though it is unclear how much more you are expected to pay for the replacement, if any).

I’d be happy to answer any questions. Feel free to leave me a comment below or write me an email.

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  1. Therina wrote:

    I’ve recently discovered Sumissura and I’m thinking about getting a wool coat. I want it to be my “forever” coat, so I’d like to know how yours has held up over the years. Has the color faded at all since receiving it in 2016? Has it held up well in the winter(s)? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    Posted 9.5.22 Reply
    • Elle wrote:

      Hi Therina,

      I hope this message finds you well. About the Sumissura wool coat: While the color has not faded, the coat has pilled from routine wear over the years (though the material proved fairly pill-prone). A fabric shaver would be nice to have when the pilling inevitably happens. I also live in a place with fairly cold winters, so I don’t wear this coat when it’s wet or in conditions below 50°F. Hope this helps.


      Posted 9.6.22 Reply