Fall Poncho (+ Burberry Heritage Giant Check Cashmere Scarf Review)

I have had the Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf for a few years now and finally feel qualified to comment on this purchase.

The question I get most is: is the $475 price tag justified? (Burberry price increases are quickly approaching untenable; I bought mine for less than $400.) And the short answer is: it depends on whom you ask. Most of the retail price is in the luxury markup–a comparable scarf from Bloomingdale’s (similar design and material composition) retails for $128 and a “CashTouch” one from Land’s End retails for $29–so if you are someone with little concern for brands or the Burberry heritage check, then this scarf probably isn’t for you.

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Many online reviewers call this scarf an “investment piece,” which is not indicative of its potential to appreciate in value, but rather just a casual synonym for “timeless.” 

Price aside, this 100% cashmere
scarf is light, warm, and soft. It has neither pilled nor shed in the
few years that I’ve owned it. As such, I have no complaints about its

The rectangular shape and size–66″L x 12″W with a 3″fringe–are arguably not the most versatile but allow it to be better marketed as a unisex item. If you need inspiration, the Zappos blog shows five ways to wear an oblong scarf.

Burberry recently started offering a personalization option for scarves (I suspect in response to the reaction that people had to that monogrammed graphic checkered poncho it offered in 2014 which quickly sold out that year). As someone who has always liked to put my mark on things, I fully embrace this development (I was that bratty three-year-old who put Hello Kitty stickers on my brother’s possessions to claim ownership).

Have a great weekend, all!

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