Weekly Shopping Update: 02/02/14

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Alice + Olivia’s end-of-season sale is here; most styles are now close to 75% off. I would normally stock up on random dresses but my closet is unusually full (the highly anticipated closet clean-out still hasn’t happened) for February so I dejectedly declined the siren call of these stunning Dina Calf Hair Heels (matching belt here). My other picks: Siri Quilted Jacket, A-Line Double Breasted Coat, Porla Collared Sweater, Paisleigh Peplum Top, Kellen Crop Jacket, Box Pleat Leather Skirt, , Campbell Fox Fur Coat, Analise Shawl Collar Coat, and Moss Long Coat with Fur.

And a look at some new arrivals (because it’s time to make a new wishlist):

Kate Spade Della Dress

I am still infatuated with the idea of casual glam (though on most days more casual than glam) and loose, drape-y tops paired with denim has quickly become a weekend uniform. I don’t really feel the need to change out of them when I am just lounging around the house and if I need to leave the house there’s no real need to change into outdoor clothes either. If life were always this easy.

I recently picked up these well-reviewed Twisted Wrap Tops from Forever 21 (as well as the Go-To Sporty Jacket which I am oddly optimistic about).

Forever 21 Twisted Wrap Top

I’m also a fan of these Nasty Gal iterations which are somewhat pricier but better quality.

Nasty Gal Turn It Loose Top: Black | Olive | Gray

Along that line, I am really drawn to these loose peplum tops from ASOS which I consider extremely versatile (I already picture five ways to wear them).

ASOS Oversized Peplum T-Shirt

And on to the “glam” portion of casual glam: the sparkles. If money were no object, I’d pick up the following just to liven up otherwise uneventful ensembles: ERIN Erickson Beamon Bib Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane Statement Necklace, and Deepa Gurnani Ruby Necklace. For those who are more price sensitive, J. Crew offers some unique options at slightly lower prices (by no means cheap, just relatively affordable).

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And for those who haven’t gotten on the Madewell Transport Tote bandwagon (which I anticipate joining in the near future) because of its size, a smaller version–the mini–has been made available.

Madewell Mini Transport Crossbody

Predictably, J. Crew released its own leather tote in time for Spring. I saw it in person and was not exactly impressed (the leather was kind of thin and I found the trim unnecessary).

J. Crew Downing Tote

I had the pleasure of going shopping with Khatu last month (yes, I am jealous of myself too) and she kind of planted in my mind the idea of a yellow coat for Spring (by that I mean I am just blindly following whatever she wanted to buy; the girl is a modern day Demosthenes). This H&M one looks promising if a little hard to pull off for a shorter person of average proportions (like me).

H&M Coat

And a plug for my new wardrobe workhorse: a Free People Toggle Coat (which I wear interchangeably with the J. Crew Convertible Toggle Coat). It’s not uncommonly warm but is very comfortable and easy to throw on over the aforementioned weekend uniform. I kind of regret not purchasing it in olive (now sold out in my size) but the black is now on sale at Zappos and 6PM for those of you who might be interested.

Free People Boiled Wool Military Pea Coat

Happy shopping!

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