Review: Coach Madison Small Kelsey Satchel in Leather


Coach’s brand revamp (don’t click at work; mainpage has sound) has been an interesting one to behold; its move away from logo-laden accessories is a welcome aesthetic (despite their heftier price tags) for those of us snobs who sneer at conspicuous branding (ok, I realize this is highly hypocritical coming from someone who recently purchased this bag).

I entertained the idea of a gray bag some time ago and ordered the Coach Madison Kelsey Satchel to try out.

Madison Small Kelsey Satchel | Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

The Madison Kelsey Satchel in “small” featured in this post measures 13 inches in height, 9 inches in width, and about 3 inches in depth (at the base) which I find to be a versatile size; it’s not large enough to be imposing on smaller frames but not so small that it’s reserved for a night on the town.

The interior features solid satin lining, two slip pockets on one of the walls, and a zippered compartment on the other.

The hardware is light gold in color and not overly shiny and the engravings and other branding kept to a modest amount.

However, for those who prefer bags covered in Coach’s mark, this bag is also available in the well-known print.

The bag is somewhat lightweight for its size–maybe the result of softer leather–at a little over a pound.

The bag comes with a long strap–about 21.5″ in length–for added convenience but the length is fixed which could pose a problem for those with a longer or shorter torso. On 5’2 me, the bag works well as a crossbody but slung too low as a shoulder strap.

I also want to note that the short handles can be fully folded down (a feature you’d think would be wider spread but alas isn’t) which is a plus in my eyes.

I did not decide to keep this bag for a number of reasons; most significant of which is the fact that this bag, while functional and more than sufficient, is just average in my eyes. I see it being a solid choice for others, just not for me.

I am still interested in a few similar styles, like the Madison Christie Carryall (a Prada Saffiano Tote lookalike) and Bleecker Mini Riley Carryall.

Next up, the Lauren Ralph Lauren Newbury Double Zip Satchel and a closer look at the Cambridge Satchel (which I’ve grown to love and wear constantly).

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