Gold and Leather (Ann Taylor Estate Shimmer Necklace Review)

I was watching Big History (clip rolls immediately so don’t click on this link at work or in class) the other day and the episode on gold links our attraction to shiny objects to our primogenitors’ ability to locate nearby water supplies (the gleam produced by sunlight hitting the surface of bodies of water).

Whatever the reason, my own attraction to shine is undeniable (and it’s an urge I don’t suppress often).

Zara Straight Combination Dress | Zara Double-breasted Wool Coat (reviewed here) | Ann Taylor Estate Shimmer Necklace (similar) | The Cambridge Satchel Company 13″ Satchel | Franco Sarto Napoli Pumps

I can’t get enough of the Estate Shimmer Necklace and Modern Classic Pearl & Chain Necklace that I purchased recently from Ann Taylor. I liked the latter so much that I purchased another for a friend (ripped right off a store mannequin as it is currently sold out online) during an in-store 50% off sale. 

A word about the Estate Shimmer Necklace: it’s a fairly sturdy piece but isn’t unbearably heavy. At $98, it’s not prohibitively expensive and I thought the quality more than justifies the price. With any of Ann Taylor’s sales, this piece could have an even better value.

Also liking these recent additions to Ann Taylor’s accessories section: Baroque Statement Necklace, Heirloom Pearl Statement Necklace, and Crystal Ribbon Wrapped Short Necklace.

Enjoy your weekend, all!

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