Coat with Quilted Sleeves (+ Forever 21 Classic Oversized Faux Leather Clutch)

A warm coat and boots are no longer sufficient defense against the bitter winds of New England winters; it’s now gloves and tights season. I left the house sans gloves the other day and that mistake nearly cost me two digits (see how blue my hands look in this picture…and I was blissfully unaware that my extremities were suffering).

I ordered a pair of Smartphone Leather Gloves (wool version here) from J. Crew several weeks ago as a gift for a friend and regret not getting myself a pair. Currently exploring other options which include a Lands’ End pair that comes in six colors (and can be personalized!) and an Old Navy option that’s on sale for $4 and has generally positive reviews.

H&M Coat with Quilted Sleeves (runs 1-2 sizes large; sleeves especially wide) | J. Crew Luna Mixy Silk and Wool-tweed Dress | Forever 21 Classic Oversized Faux Leather Clutch | Dolce Vita Madison Pumps (looking to upgrade these DV pumps to these Prada beauties)

In Black Friday-related news, the clutches I mentioned in this post are now 50% off.

This is how the Classic Midsize Faux Leather Clutch looks empty.

The weekly shopping update will continue to be updated through next Monday so check occasionally for new sales and revisions.

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