Ruffles and Pleats

In this gorgeous Parisian print box pleat skirt lie two important lessons: first, don’t ever suggest to crafty and generous friends that you have interest in their creations. They will probably surprise you with a copy and refuse payment. Second, store-bought clothes seldom  measure up to custom creations. 

I wore this skirt every day for about a week. On the fourth day, my
Wendy’s guy asked somewhat obtusely, “do you ever do laundry?” To which I
responded with a rictus of mortification.

If you are a sewer and want to make your own box pleat skirt, visit SewPetiteGal’s blog for a helpful tutorial and also tips on how to insert invisible zippers.

LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan | Box Pleated Skirt gifted by the talented SewPetiteGal | J. Crew Collection Icon Trench | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch | Chanel Medallion Tote | Pour La Victoire Chantel Scalloped Pumps (also here, here + here)

It’s been more than two years since this cardigan last appeared on this blog. Ruffles seem to have fallen from grace with tastemakers–at least in generous
servings. It’s a trend that never calms to a still but have become mere
splatters on the larger fashion canvas.

ruffle front cardigan was one of my first purchases upon my introduction to
the petite blogging community–I recall being won over wholeheartedly by ways in which Kelly wore hers (had so much fun digging through
her archives one weekend; this lady had great style from the beginning).

a brief love affair, during which I developed feelings for other
accents, the trend started to appear out of place in my closet of equally
feminine yet incompatible pieces. A year or so ago I removed it from the
hanger on which it suspended and placed it inside a storage container
where it lay until last month.

Usually, a
piece that has been neglected for as long as it had would land in the
donation pile without question, but I hesitated and tossed it aside. Maybe another time. 

I am chalking my indecision up to nostalgia.

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