Review: Vince Camuto Follie Wedge Sneakers

Are wedge sneakers an oxymoron or a stroke of genius?

I have always liked the concept but find the style with high-tops to have a truncating effect on my legs (upright tongues swallow parts of my already bulky calves). Still, once an idea plants itself on my mind, it sprouts uninhibitedly and eventually festers.

Never one to let a trend go untried, I made a mental list of several styles to keep watch on for when prices fall within reach. 

What drew me to the Vince Camuto Follie Wedge Sneakers are its quilted leather with suede infused upper and stud accents; they add a touch of whimsy to a generally mundane design.

The covered wedge is subtle at around two-and-a-half inches and the shaft is approximately five-and-a-half inches which is perhaps a perfectly suitable height for someone of average stature but is slightly too tall for a petite person.

Online reviews warned of narrow toeboxes and a difficulty in dressing caused by the complex lacing mechanism. I went up a whole size (from 6.5/7 to 7.5) to allow room for socks. There is little room to spare to begin with so I would encourage those interested in buying these wedge sneakers to order at least a half size larger than normal.

As for comfort, I didn’t find them to be amazingly light or exceptionally comfortable. They are as comfortable as they look, which isn’t uncomfortable, just not shoes I would wear to run a marathon.

The body of the shoe is suede and nappa leather and the sole is rubber. The toes are rounded.

My dilemma is this: Stone Dust or Navy Steel? The Navy Steel is undoubtedly the more practical (and perhaps versatile) option but I find the Stone Dust so irresistibly beautiful (yet potentially high-maintenance).

When torn between practical and impractical, I often default to the latter but with these shoes…I just can’t decide. Do I resort to a coin toss or is there an obvious winner here?

Buy at Nordstrom’s, Shoebox (sand, navy, or black), Amazon, Vince Camuto Online, Dillard’s, Kurt Geiger, HSN, or Designs by Stephene.

A few more styles to consider:

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