Review: J. Crew Collection Icon Trench in Light Khaki

Here’s my standard-issue mea culpa: sorry, self, for exposing (again) your complete lack of accountability by buying another trench. No one needs four trench coats.

Now that we’ve established the threshold of excess for trench coats, let’s discuss the culprit behind my latest transgression.

I don’t need to extol the merits of a classic khaki trench (I’ve beaten that horse into glue) and the J. Crew Collection Icon Trench, with its notched collars, double-breasted buttons, D-ring fastening belt, and back vent with storm flap, falls squarely in the “classic” category.

The retail price of $298 is incongruous with its actual value but it is a style that gets marked down periodically. I bought mine for about $125 a few weeks ago and think it’s worth at least $100. I’ve also seen prices dip as low as $70 so there’s really no “rock bottom” price for this style.

The color of this trench varies slightly every season; the fall 2013 color of “light khaki” is consistent with its actual hue. It falls somewhere between stone and tan.

The “Japanese cotton” from which this trench is constructed looks expensive and is surprisingly wrinkle-resistant (possibly an attribute of the heavier-weight fabric).

The style is intended to end at mid-thigh but on a petite person, take 5’2 me as an example, the length is closer to knee-length.

The trench coat is lined in beige satin which is inoffensive but I think the item would command a higher price tag if J. Crew had chosen to line it in a unique print. That detail would certainly set it apart from the million and one khaki trench coats out there and have been a hit with those who are drawn to fun details.

l to r : Burberry Mottram Trench | Burberry Westland Trench | J. Crew Icon Trench

I found the belt much too long and think it should’ve been scaled down
for smaller sizes. It’s a minor issue for me because I normally wear my
coats unbuttoned and unbelted so this drawback did not carry much weight in my

No petite sizes are offered in this style but trenches are not meant to be form-fitting so those of you about my size can try the trench in size 00. Aside from too-long sleeves (to be expected), most fit issues are minor and almost negligible if you only wear your coats open.

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