Stripes and Floral (Featuring J. Crew Liberty Toothpick Jean in Tresco Floral)

This is not the first time I’ve paired these two superficially unrelated prints together but I am still not assured that I am wearing them correctly (not that there is a right way to “do” fashion but there is certainly a more aesthetically pleasing way). So, turning to the unfailing scientific method, I posed the following hypothesis: floral and stripes can be compatible when both prints share similar lightness and saturation levels.

If you would like to disprove my conclusion, I am prepared to be enlightened. (I hate boiling fashion down to a science, but I am a believer in that old saying: “know the rules before you break them.”)

H&M Double-Breasted Stripe Blazer (similar here) | Forever 21 T-Shirt | Forever 21 Layered Necklace | J. Crew Liberty Toothpick Jean in Tresco Floral | Zara City Bag (similar) | Forever 21 Faux Leather Thong Sandals

On another note, remember how I teased you all with news that I bought something in J. Crew’s vibrant “tresco floral” print and wanted you to guess what it was that I bought? While no one offered to play, I think I got through to some of you because most of the styles I posted have sold out (just kidding. I won’t take credit for more than a handful of sales).

I admit I compromised on this item. My first choice for this print is a clutch but I hesitated and watched it sell out before my eyes. It would be accurate to say that I settled for these jeans, which are out of sync with my style. But with it I proclaimed: challenge accepted (HIMYM – links to video with audio – fans, where are you?). 

And a challenge it has been. I kind of feel like a walking vase whenever I wear these jeans with colorful tops but wearing them endlessly with a white t-shirt just feels like a cop-out. I  also tried it with a bleached denim jacket but that felt too much like a cross between a flower child and a grunge enthusiast. 

This experiment will continue and I hope I will have good news to deliver when you see them on this blog next.

Liberty Toothpick Jean in Tresco Floral | sz 24
Waist: 14″ | Hip: 17.25″ | Length: 34.5″ | Inseam: 29″

In contrast, the Toothpick Cord in Ribbon Bow Print has proven to be a much better purchase. They are unique but subtle enough to fly under the radar (I find when I dress especially eccentrically, little kids will come up to me and attempt to strike up a conversation about last night’s Teletubbies – don’t laugh, it has been a while – episode or whatever it is that kids watch these days). This is an older style from last fall but I see popbacks online from time to time. I last wore them here.

Toothpick Cord in Ribbon Bow Print | sz 24
Waist: 14.5″ | Hip: 17.25″ | Length: 34.5″ | Inseam: 29″

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