Stripes and Chevron (+ Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts)

The chevron peplum skirt (in this post) that SewPetiteGal made me last year tops my list of all-time favorites regardless of how I rate my possessions. There is just something very special about a piece made to specification.

As much as I would love to wear this skirt every other day, I wear it sparingly for fear I might spill condiments and colorful drinks on it or (heaven forbid) rip it because of how ungracefully big my strides are. The sad news is that SPG’s etsy shop is currently on hiatus so I wouldn’t be able to replace it if something terrible were to happen to it.

I like this skirt so much that I sometimes get the urge to learn to sew in order to recreate it (however shoddily) in a few other colors but my urges go away as quickly as they appear. I think I am just too impatient for an art as meticulous as sewing. I did resolve to sign up for a sewing class before the end of the year (I am thinking 7 months should be enough time for a procrastinator like me).

Those of you who are more manually inclined, you can make your own convertible peplum skirt following the tutorial that SPG shared here.

Ralph Lauren Striped Oxford Shirt | SewPetiteGal Chevron Peplum SkirtMarc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch | Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote Bag (with straps here) | Zara Basic Court Shoe

A week or so ago, in the comments section of a post in which I wore two Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts, I received a question asking how the boy’s oxford shirt compared to the women’s version. I thought I would share some pictures and measurements here in case others are interested. 

I have had these shirts for several years and they’ve survived numerous closet clean-outs because they seem to come out of the washer with more character every time. I think these shirts look better in a sunwashed way than they do brand spankin’ new.

Left: Ralph Lauren Boys Striped Oxford in size 8
Right: Ralph Lauren Blue Label  Striped Oxford Shirt in size 0

I’ll let the measurements and pictures do the talking since the differences are obvious. The women’s version is the one on top in the following picture.

Measurements: 17.5″ bust, 26″ total length, 24″ sleeve length, 15″ waist (women); 16″ bust, 23″ total length, 19″ sleeve length, 16″ waist (boys)

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