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On the topic of pants, most women I know fall squarely in one of two camps: love them or hate them. I resisted the wearing/buying/owning of pants for the longest time and, in college, used to tread in foot-tall snow in bare legs, short skirts, and uggs. I hypnotized myself to believe that my legs don’t get cold so successfully that my legs acclimated to the cold (or simply grew numb).

Part of my initial resistance can be attributed to the level of difficulty I’ve faced in finding flattering pants that fit both my waist and my proportionally thicker legs. I have complained about this problem  in the past but now resolve to direct most of my shopping energy on finding great work pants.

Or maybe I just need to settle for moderately well-fitting pants and take them to a tailor (like Kelly does). My principal concern in buying-and-tailoring is that I still don’t know how perfect (to me) pants can look so I have no standard on which to model potential winners.

If you don’t have any trouble finding pants, can you tell me what body type you exemplify and from what stores you normally buy pants?

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