How To: Convert a Dress Into a Top

About a month ago I wrote a Wear It Five Ways post on different ways to wear a lace dress and received a few requests to show how I turned the dress into a top.

All you’ll need for this easy transformation are four safety pins OR fashion tape.

This dress-to-top trick works best on fit-and-flare dresses – I have tried the method on other types of dresses but the end result is less than satisfactory.

[Safety Pins] To begin, turn the dress inside out. Next, fold the skirt portion toward the middle and pin the skirt at the waist. Repeat this step three more times, keeping equal distance between the safety pins. Lastly, turn the dress right side out and you are done!

[Fashion Tape] Apply fashion tape in place of safety pins.

If you choose to use safety pins, I would recommend that you secure the opening of the pin with clear tape (as a final step) to ensure that it does not snap open easily (getting poked by a safety pin is not fun).

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