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The amount I shop over time more or less graphs a horizontal line with minor spikes that coincide with sale seasons but recently I find myself returning most of what I order even when my initial reactions to those purchases are positive.

Compared to when I started this blog in 2010 –  when I had been a recent college grad with a wardrobe that still consisted mainly of casual weekend clothes, impractical party dresses, and a few skirt and pant suits that I was mostly indifferent to- I now spend less than five minutes every morning picking out what I wear and on most days feel good about my outfits. I think much of that confidence comes from having an arsenal of versatile pieces that go well with other items in my closet.

The downside to having a fully stocked closet is that colorful pencil skirts and crisp white blouses that fit moderately well no longer elicit a gleeful yelp from me; most are quickly boxed up and returned. I still enjoy the occasional splurge on something whimsical and the frequent trendy indulgences from fast fashion stores but no longer feel the need to hoard clothes the way I used to (shoes I still constantly order in bulk; I might have been a millipede in another life).

If I could write a letter to young Elle, I would urge her to pace herself when it came to shopping. At this blog’s infancy, I shopped too often and mostly indiscriminately trying to quickly fill the voids in my closet and instead of savoring that experience, I rushed through it.

I still enjoy window shopping but the need to own things has waned substantially. When you find yourself shopping infrequently, is it because your closet is near capacity? Or is it because the selection is lackluster? Maybe it’s general disinterest in adding clutter? Perhaps it’s a matter of good financial planning? Whatever it is, I am truly interested in learning what impetuses suspend mindless shopping.

Burberry London Westland Trench | Ann Taylor Silk Charmeuse Long Sleeve Legacy Blouse (no longer available) | H&M Jersey Double-breasted Blazer (similar here) | J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool (in spicy gold, a f/w 2011 color) | Chanel Pearl Necklace |Christian Louboutin Simple 100 Patent Pumps

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