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I had some great ideas for posts pertaining to dressing for holiday parties but for various logistical reasons no photos ever manifested nor thoughts transcribed. I still want to share what dresses I bought and which ones I returned (if only to guilt you into reciprocating).

I’ll start with ones that did not make the cut – the most heartbreaking of which is the ASOS Feather Bandeau Dress with Jeweled Bodice. This dress was like a dream come true for me but was, uh, hazardous to my health. Almost as soon as I pulled the dress out of the bag the feathers started detaching (and there were a lot of them), then scattered about in the air and lastly inhaled through my airway.

The dress was quickly tried on (for only as long as I can snap pictures) and then promptly bagged, sealed, and returned. Pictured below in US2/UK6.

I bought this Halston Heritage Halter Basketweave Dress on impulse after the holiday season ended. I got a really good deal on this dress (like 90% off good) but felt very matronly in it. I also think halter dresses exaggerate my lineman-like physique. I have a hunch this dress would look excellent on busty ladies (I am sadly lacking in that department). I don’t have the luxury of keeping dresses that are just ok so this was returned.

And, onto the keepers. I first struck gold with the ASOS PETITE Exclusive Lace Dress With Cut Out Back that Jean of Extra Petite recommended some time ago. I love the tulle and fullness of the skirt. In fact, I love it so much that I am willing to overlook the fact that the front skirt portion of the dress has an odd shape to it (from spending too much time folded up in a bag, I presume).

As even extremely svelte Jean had trouble zipping up the size 1, I ordered petite sizes US2/UK6 and US4/UK8 to try in the hope that at least one would fit. I ended up keeping the size 2. I want to mention that I didn’t actually wear this dress to any holiday parties or events this year even though I fully intended to. I traveled a lot this holiday season and didn’t think this dress would look good after being folded up and flattened in a suitcase.

The Alice + Olivia Ophelia Lace Dress (pictured below in size 0) was the dress that I wore to most holiday parties and get-togethers this year. It was easy to dress up (with glitzy jewelry) or down (by layering a cropped sweater on top). If you like this dress, Alice + Olivia dresses run about a size small compared to mall retailers and this style is currently on sale (buy here, here, here, here, and here).

I also purchased a Tart Long Infinity Dress (also in red) in November that I wore to my lone stuffy work event this year. I purchased it from Gilt on final sale and was afraid it would be too “bridesmaid” but it is surprisingly elegant when worn with the right jewelry. I intend to write a separate post for that dress.

Lastly, I want to mention that for many people, renting a dress may be a better option since (good) party dresses have a way of leaving a permanent impression on people’s minds so one is not inclined to re-wear a special occasions dress. I justify my dress purchases because I enjoy looking at them even just casually hanging in my closet. Some people buy antiques or art, I guess I buy dresses?

If you have a favorite party dress, please share pictures or links in the comments. I am a sucker for dress p0rn!

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