Review: Le Chameau Iris II Boots vs. Hunter Original Tall Boots

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To the untrained eye, rain boots more or less look like carbon copies of each other. However, for the best boots, the devil is in the details. The Hunter Original Tall Boots and the Le Chameau Iris II Boots have a few minor differences that may make one the superior choice for you.

I’ll quickly go over the similarities: both boots will accommodate people with wide or average feet. If you have especially narrow feet, you may have to double up on socks to fill out the shoe. The two boots are also almost identical in shaft length and share similarly-shaped toeboxes.

The most glaring difference between the two boots is the material. The rubber used to construct Hunter boots is both stiffer and glossier than the kind used to make Le Chameau boots, which is thinner and also a lot more flexible. If you find that the opening of Hunter boots chafes your shin, the Le Chameau may be a better solution.

The two boots measure similarly in calf circumference but there is a more pronounced curve in the shaft of the Le Chameau boot which makes it a better choice for people with shapely calves. The shape of the boot also allows for easy removal.

The Le Chameau Iris II Rain Boot has a chunky heel that is about three-quarters of an inch taller than the Hunter Original Tall Boots. I personally find the slightly taller heel of the Iris II to be a better fit for my medium-arched feet. The shaft length is the same for the two boots, discounting heel height.

Hunter Original Tall in US7 | Le Chameau Iris II in size US7/EU38

If you have very thin calves, I read that the Le Chameau Vierzon Lady Rain Boots can accommodate smaller calves because of the gusseted opening. If you have wider calves or like to wear tights, socks, pants, and/or boot liners all at once, the men’s styles have significantly more calf room.

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