Review: J. Crew Double-Cloth Lady Day Coat + J. Crew Double-Cloth Funnel Coat

I figure I would get this post up while sizes for both coats are still aplenty on the J. Crew website. I want to show how these coats fit me as I know some of you can gauge your size relative to how things fit me.

I also want to show how the Double-cloth Lady Day Coat has changed (or, rather, how it hasn’t) over the last few years.

2012 Black 00P | 2012 Fuchsia 00P | 2011 Green 00P | 2010 Taupe 0P

The 2012 version isn’t vastly different from the 2011 one. I think it runs slightly slimmer in the torso and in the arms but the differences are not exactly measurable. Certainly, if you are thinking about adding another Lady Day Coat to your collection, you should stick to your size from 2011.

Vintage Berry from 2012; Oasis Green from 2011; and Warm Taupe from 2010

2010 version in 0P/Warm Taupe:

2011 rendition in 00P/Oasis Green:

00P/Vintage Berry from 2012:

waist: 13.8″; bust: 16″; sleeves: 21.8″; length: 34.5″; waistband 1.8″, shoulder: 13.8″

Another J. Crew style that I get quite a bit of queries about is the Double-cloth Funnel Coat. When I first evaluated the fit of the coat from looking at myself in the mirror, I thought the 00P was a passable fit. However, upon further scrutiny I’ve decided that I would be better served by going up a size due to the shrunken length of the sleeves and the placement and size of the waistband. Unfortunately, I arrived at that conclusion far too late and by the time I had photos to better judge the coat the tags had already been ripped off.

waist: 14.5″ ; sleeves: 21.7″; waistband: 2.8″; shoulders: 13.3″; bust: 16″; length: 34.5″

Thus, unless you are especially petite or have comparatively shorter arms, I would urge you to look into regular lengths (or possibly go up a size). The Funnel Coat also has slightly smaller shoulders compared to the Lady Day Coat so that’s something else to take into consideration.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. My blog inbox is flooded with spam so I haven’t had the patience to weed through that mess and answer legitimate emails. My apologies if you’ve written in the last few weeks but have not yet received a response.

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