Zara Kids’ Leather Suitcase (Cambridge Satchel Lookalike)

Over the last month or so, in addition to my search for the perfect tan tote, I’ve also pocketed two other bags that were more or less spontaneous purchases made in the heat of the moment.

One of those bags is the Zara Girls’ Leather Suitcase (currently sold out in all colors), pictured below. I discovered the link several weeks ago but all three colors (camel, red, and blue) were sold out then so I begrudgingly bookmarked the page and would check occasionally for popbacks.

The bag retails for $35.90 and is made from “buffalo leather” – a type of material new to me. The leather is probably treated and coated as it feels fairly stiff and faux leather like. I should note that the retail price is no bargain – $35.90 is probably the most I am willing to pay for a bag of its quality and trendiness.

The bag has several shortcomings that are potentially a dealbreaker but I’ll first discuss what I liked about it and why I decided to keep the bag in navy. The crushing advantage for this bag is that I’ve been looking for a transitory navy bag to satiate my craving for a smaller navy bag while I look for something similar in concept. I also like that the shoulder straps are adjustable (at first I thought the strap length was fixed but a closer look revealed that the straps were in fact adjustable) and that the closure is snap button – unbuckling the decorative buckles was not required in accessing the bag’s contents.

Two things I didn’t like about this bag is the material used – one side of the strap is rough and jagged – and its size. The bag fits my phone, lip balm, and a coin purse but not much else. If I had to carry cash or cards with me I would need to buy a smaller wallet to fit in this bag.

I didn’t finalize my decision until after snapping these pictures – I was worried that the bag would look too small against my frame but I think it’s passable. Directly above and below this paragraph of texts are pictures of the bag with the strap at its longest and shortest, respectively.

Are you a fan of this bag or bags that resemble it?

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