Extreme Alterations: Dress to Skirt

There are a few things in my possession that I know are inappropriate for present-day me but I can’t bear to part with them. This Juicy Couture Girls dress is one of them. The made-for-children proportions are unflattering but it survived numerous closet clean-outs because of my love for the fabric.

I tried the dress-as-skirt approach with this dress some time ago with mixed results – since the tent-like shape is not conducive to successfully executing the “trick.”

Faced with the prospect of having to donate the dress, I ultimately decided to spend money and alter it into a pencil skirt. I put off the project for months because the cost of tailoring locally was difficult to justify. An opportunity presented itself when I visited my grandma earlier this summer and she kindly offered to take the dress to her friend’s tailor shop for the necessary procedure. 

The seamstress and I had creative differences as she thought the dress would look better as a tulip skirt. And as I am a complete n00b when it comes to sewing I back down when experienced seamstresses strong-arm me into a decision.

I ended up liking the result a lot but the shorter length meant that it was not as versatile as it would’ve been in pencil skirt form for me. Regardless, the newly minted skirt is miles better than the original and if I may say so myself, rather flattering.

Forever 21 top, Burberry trench (also in black and red), Juicy Couture skirt (altered from dress), LOFT necklace, Zara bag, and Corso Como shoes(similar here and here)

Have you ever turned a dress into a skirt? Was it a success?

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