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I am on the cusp of adulthood according to the Gap – in that, if I feel particularly shameless, I can probably fit squeeze myself into the biggest two sizes of kids clothing (but not pants because of my thicker thighs). I have been better about staying away from the kids department but got sucked back in because of a particularly great sale at Gap Kids last week.

These quick mirror pictures were taken just after dinner a few days ago- because, really, who are you fooling trying on clothes without a food baby? And I apologize for my (full) belly-bearing ways – just trying to show similarly sized ladies how the capri jeans fit me.

Rugby Striped Maxi Tank Dress – I’ve been hunting for a wide-striped maxi dress for a few weeks now – almost got this Crewcuts maxi dress before I realized it was supposed to be midi-length’ed – and thought this Gap Kids offering would put an end to the search. Unfortunately, the dress was all kinds of wrong on me. I ordered the kids XL-plus and XXL-plus to try, hoping for extra length, but alas they don’t do me any favors and even at $10 I couldn’t be convinced to keep them.

I really like this Old Navy striped maxi that Cee of To Brighten My Day bought recently but the longer length concerns me.

The only other item I ordered was the Skinny Dot Capri Jeans, of which I ordered three sizes to try. I hadn’t bought bottoms from the kids department in ages because I’ve outgrown them for a few years now. In retrospect, people, please never ever let me order jeans from the kids department again.

Size 14 regular is the slimmest fitting of the three sizes I ordered – it is slightly uncomfortable everywhere for me and I couldn’t tear these off myself quickly enough. 

The 14-plus one fit slightly better in the leg but the waist was somewhat big. I also didn’t think I’ll ever wear barbie pink capri jeans out in public so these were also rendered a return fairly quickly.

The 12-plus fit almost exactly how the 14-plus did. Regardless, I almost kept these because I really like dots but I know I’ll probably regret this purchase three months from now. In an unusual turn of events, reason and practicality won out in this round.

Have you ordered from the kids department recently? Was it a flop or a total win?

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