Oasis Green & Medallion Paisley (Plus a review of the Edie Attaché Bag)

I have been anxious to try this pairing for some time now – the idea of succulent green against a paisley print always sounded promising to me. In practice, I feel something is amiss – maybe a few accessories will reduce the monotony.

Ann Taylor top (similar), J. Crew skirt + bag (smaller and larger version), and YSL shoes (similar)

I purchased the Edie Attaché Bag several weeks ago when it went on sale in-store (the Pecan and a two-tone version are still available online). I was looking for a medium-sized tote to add to my small family of handbags and was primarily interested in the Edie Attaché Bag for its simple design. It’s also convenient that the bag was designed with both top handles that fold down and a longer detachable shoulder strap.

Since the bag design is quite simple and straight-forward, there is not much to nitpick. I wish it had a top zipper but if that were a priority this bag probably would’ve been written off right away. The material used is the same leather used to make the Edie Purse so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of durability and quality. This type of leather isn’t for everyone – I know some people are deterred by leather bags that show scratches easily.

The bag measures 10.6 inches in height, 14 inches in width and almost 3.5 in depth. The removable shoulder straps are about 12 inches long which is a good length for 5’2 me.

The bag can be worn in as many as four ways – but I will most likely wear it exclusively on my shoulder.

1) You can carry the bag on your arm

2) hold it by the top handles

3) Wear it on your shoulder using the longer (detachable) straps

4) Sling the top handles over your shoulder (this doesn’t work well on me but I suspect it might work for smaller ladies). 

Do you own the Edie Attaché Bag or a bag of similar size and design? How do you like it?

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