Nude Wedge Pumps (featuring Madden Girls Ursey Wedge Pumps)

A pair of nude wedge pumps had been an item that I was eager to cross off my wishlist but I simply wasn’t able to find a pair that was both affordable and comfortable. I thought I struck gold when I stumbled upon these Steve Madden Ursey Wedge Pumps at TJMaxx a few weeks ago. They were only $24.99 and a trial run in the store convinced me to take them home for further consideration.

I even wore them to work in an attempt to gauge their comfort level which is why I was so surprised when they turned out to be the-most-uncomfortable-shoes-I’ve-ever-put-my-feet-into.

 I mistakenly decided to break them in by wearing them out shopping and in a few hours’ time I managed to destroy my feet (I am staring at eight bandaids on my poor feet right now). To make these shoes even somewhat suitable for sightseeing I would have to be wearing tights or feetliners, relining the interior of these shoes with more comfortable material and adding a few inserts to make these a better fit. 

Shoes are one of those things that one should never settle for less. Even innocuous-looking wedges like these can do real damage.

I found two other pairs of wedge pumps at TJMaxx on the same trip but passed on them even though they were more comfortable than the Madden Girls wedges I ended up with. 

These Aerosole Plum Tree wedges (also here, here, and here) were very well cushioned and would’ve been a clear winner had it not been for the slightly matronly design and the snakeskin heel.=

Another pair that I also felt were comfortable were these BCBGeneration wedge pumps. I passed on them because they were about $20 more expensive than the Madden Girl wedges and the color was a bit pinker than what I was going for.

My journey to find the perfect nude wedge pump continues. In the meantime, I will be living vicariously through Cee and her perfect Via Spiga Missy wedges.

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