Green Blazer + White Dress

When people say “dress for your body type,” I sometimes give them accidental side eye (and I know I’ve preached it too so I am not inculpable either). It’s not that I don’t appreciate their advice because I do, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

Jackets with exaggerated shoulders are one of my vices. This unreasonable craving doesn’t fare well for me because my shoulders are proportionately wide and the exaggerated details further magnify my broad shoulders

Regardless, I still like them and will buy one every once in a while. My brother calls this Zara jacket my lineman uniform but what does he know about fashion?

Zara blazer, ASOS dress, Ann Taylor necklace, Prada bag, and unbranded shoes

I picked up the Ann Taylor cabochon necklaces (on sale!) when Jean tweeted their in-store prices a few weeks ago. I’ve been a fan of the turquoise version on her and the pearl version on Cee and couldn’t resist getting both. I’ve been trying to avoid buying duplicates but when it came to these two necklaces, I regret nothing.

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