Gilly Hicks Review

Gilly Hicks, the “cheeky cousin” of Abercrombie & Fitch, is a brand I like to browse but not often order from. I am several years removed from their target age group so I didn’t expect most things to fit but wanted to order in the spirit of experimentation.

I didn’t take any pictures of me wearing the Bungan Beach Dot Tops but the XS was slightly too small and the length was awkward on me. Gilly Hicks quality is slightly better than Forever 21 and is on par with H&M items that are better made.

The Frenchmen’s Bay Dress was lovely in concept but it fit me poorly. The XS again was too small for me but I don’t think sizing up would necessarily resolve the fit issues (too small armholes, high waistline, and awkward length). This dress does not bear the GH embroidery so is promising for someone smaller than me. 

The only keeper from my order was the Meymott Street Dress. My favorite feature is perhaps the bow belt which, at first glance, looks like just a sash. I really like the shape of the dress and how it makes me look almost hourglass figured. The tulip skirt was a little more flattering than most of the shorter and poofier styles at GH.

The Liverpool Street Dress had really beautiful lace in the skirt portion but the smocked top was just too 2002 for me. Again, it’s probably a style that would work for the younger set but sadly didn’t work for me.

It’ll be a long while before I dare place another clothing order with Gilly Hicks (I still like their cheap and comfortable underwear). Do you shop at Gilly Hicks?

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