Wear It Five Ways : Oversized Pink Blazer

It’s been months since I last browsed or purchased anything from YesStyle. I would say this blazer played a critical role in alienating me from the Asian fashion store.

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In the year or so since I bought this blazer, I have worn it maybe twice and wanted to burn it immediately afterwards but guilt about having spent money on the blazer would prevent me from starting the fire.  At first I thought replacing the cheap-looking white buttons would do the job but shinier gold buttons couldn’t save it either. 

The biggest problem with this jacket is the loose fit and the awkward length – I couldn’t figure out for the longest time how to wear it confidently and have resigned myself to the fact that I can only wear shorts, mini skirts and dresses, and long pants with it.

I think this blazer would look cute with denim cutoffs and a white top but I don’t own any jean shorts so I reversed it by wearing a denim top with white shorts (top left). I think floral pants (something like this or this) would look cute with this blazer, and a longer pair of bootcut jeans would also even out the proportions better (top middle; I also don’t own longer bootcut’s)). My favorite look of the bunch has to be pairing the blazer with a shorter white dress (top right) – my friend Cat helped me buy the J. Crew Raindrop Lace Dress recently and I can’t wait to pair the dress with this blazer.

I also tried wearing this blazer closed and adding a short tunic underneath (bottom left)- not exactly appropriate for the day but could be a cute look for night. A shorter floral dress is also a viable option (bottom middle) and for the last look I experimented with tying the blazer in the back to shorten the length (bottom right) and wearing it with a maxi.

These looks are not too different from each other but it’s too easy to look stumpy (or downright sloppy) in a longer blazer when wearing it with shorts, dresses and skirts that are longer.

How do you wear oversized blazers?

Also, I keep wanting to tailor this blazer (slim it slightly or maybe even refashion it into this RM blazer that I have been coveting) but just can’t bring myself to spend more money on this blazer. How do you determine if something is worth the cost of alterations?

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