Wear It Five Ways : High-Low Skirt

Where do I begin with high-low skirts? Or, as J likes to call them, mullet skirts. I was at first ambivalent about them but as soon as I tried one on, it was instant infatuation. The skirt catches the wind in such a romantic way and I can’t help but become a high-low skirt convert.

The skirt is easy enough to pair but I thought I would brainstorm a few ideas here anyway.

Some beginner styling tips for the high-low skirt: I think this skirt can be worn as a fall piece (add a fitted leather jacket and you are ready to go) but I decided to focus on how it can be worn comfortably for the summer. If your high-low skirt is a solid color, like mine, you can try pairing it with a fun floral print (top left), a military-inspired blouse (top right), or a lace top (bottom right). I would say it’s pretty difficult to go wrong in these simple pairings – the skirt itself is interesting enough so there’s no need to style it with more complicated designs.

To get more use out of this skirt, you can consider wearing it as a top (top middle) with some fitted capri pants and a piece of statement jewelry. Or, you can take advantage of the longer outer layer and tie it around your neck and wear this skirt as a dress (bottom middle).

Of course, you always have the option of wearing a high-low skirt with the tank top of your choice (solid colors, busy prints, fitted, loose, whatever catches your fancy). I do want to add that since this skirt is flowy, you might want to avoid a pairing mate that is too blousy. There is always an off-chance that that pairing would come across as being too shapeless and overwhelming.

My high-low skirt is from H&M and it cost $17.95.

And an outfit that I wore out a few weeks ago. I consider myself a simple dresser so I love pieces that fit well within my existing wardrobe.


A few other high-low skirts to consider:

From left to right: Pim + Larkin Polka Dot Skirt, Layered Skirt, Wrap Skirt, Leopard Skirt, Woodleigh Skirt, Cynthia Rowley Print Skirt

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