Uniqueen No. 5 Tweed Jacket

A lightweight tweed jacket in a spring color had been top (five) on my list of immediate “wants.” After seeing the Uniqueen No. 5 Tweed Jacket on Extra Petite, Jean kindly offered to send me one of her jackets to try on for size. I was originally torn between the “peach pink” and the “cream white” but after seeing the “peach pink” in person I decided that the color was 1) not the most flattering on me 2) limiting in versatility.

Actually, let me backtrack for a second. My first choice had been the J. Crew Jubilee Jacket – which I purchased on sale a few months ago (it later went to a good home). The jacket was well made and the sale price reasonable but the 00 was slightly big on me and too long for my purpose.

Here’s the Uniqueen No. 5 Tweed Jacket in “peach pink” that Jean had sent me to try. I thought the coral threads were beautiful but I had my heart set on a lighter hue. 

I then purchased the jacket in “cream white” – in size S – which actually feels slightly roomier compared to the “peach pink” in size S. I don’t think all jackets in the same size are made equal so there is some risk involved. I have heard good things about Uniqueen’s customer service (though the response time is not the best). The sleeves are about an inch too long for my arms.

In white, the sleeves are 22 inches long, the shoulders 13 inches wide, the length 19 inches long and the bust 16 inches wide.

I added a hook and eye clasp to the jacket myself (see third picture below) which allows me to wear the jacket closed.

And a few outfit pictures with this jacket – from when it was cooler outside. I always wear the jacket with part of the sleeve folded under.

I am not sure that the jacket is worth $80+shipping – but I wasn’t able to find an alternative that was better in quality at roughly the same price point. 

Uniqueen jacket, H&M top, Ann Taylor skirt, J. Crew bag, and Corso Como shoes

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