Bag Baby : J. Crew Edie Purse in Oasis Green & Sagebrush

I’ve had the J. Crew Edie Purse on my mind for months now, and finally took the plunge with help from my lovely friend DDM. 

I ended up getting both the Sagebrush and the Oasis Green. The sagebrush is a sale color that I’ve been coveting and after some unsuccessful attempts to locate one without any discoloration, I finally found one that was slightly less damaged than others.

I am normally a big bags type of girl so the Edie is a nice change of pace for me. I love the shape and the beautiful colors that it comes in.

The Edie Purse can be worn in two ways – on the shoulder and also handheld. The detachable strap, which measures about 14 inches long – can’t be adjusted which is unfortunate but fits perfectly over the shoulder. It would be amazing if J. Crew can throw in a longer strap with the bag so it can be worn as a crossbody too.

The bag – which measures 7″H x 10″W x 4″D – fits my wallet, a pair of glasses, keys, a phone, a stick of chapstick, and miscellaneous trinkets but doesn’t have room for much else. It won’t fit most tablets. I think this bag is perfect for running errands, a lunch date, or shopping trips.

The leather has a matte finish and is scratch prone. After only two uses the lighter sagebrush color already shows signs of use as well as various scratches (even though I was careful about not getting my nails anywhere close to it) so if this kind of leather bothers you the Edie probably isn’t the right bag for you.

The Edie Purse has one zippered pocket and an additional pouch inside. Again, it really doesn’t fit much if you are used to large bags. Over-stuffing the bag is detrimental to its shape and I doubt you’d be able to line up the turn lock closure to successfully close it at that point.

It does bother me – though not enough to turn me away from this bag – that the bag doesn’t have a zipper on the inside to keep everything securely enclosed. However, as the bag can’t hold much to begin with, I don’t think there is a particularly damaging handicap.

Other bags in the Edie family:

And a recent outfit that features this lovely bag.

H&M blazer + belt, Ann Taylor blouse, BR skirt, Corso Como shoes, and J. Crew bag

♥ ♥ ♥

The Edie Purse has been released for spring 2023 as the Edie Italian Leather Bag: this new iteration is available in four versatile colorways (Natural, Kelly Green, Icy Blue, and Black):

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