Shoe Lust : Corso Como Delicious Pumps

My taste in shoes is fairly bland. I do appreciate gorgeous shoes with delicate details but when it comes to shopping for my feet, closed toe pumps always win out because they are practical for my lifestyle.

My go-to work shoe is the Corso Como Delicious Pump and I get inquiries about them with quite a bit of frequency so I thought I would beat this dead horse some more.

The latest addition to my Corso Como delicious pump family is a pair in Ginger Burnish Calf – what I would call cognac. I tend to be more colorful with my clothing choices so I like to keep my shoes vanilla; this whiskey-colored shoe is a subtle (but eye-pleasing) color to compliment my other accessories.

At three and a half inches tall, the Corso Como Delicious Pump adds enough height and sophistication without compromising basic comfort standards. I have a medium arch and find these to be comfortable even after a long day.

As for shape, I am a big fan of the round toe look but this part is preferential. It is just such a timeless and ladylike look that lends itself to even weekend and evening wear. 

One of the most attractive features about this shoe is the pillow-soft cushioning in the footbed. Since discovering this shoe more than a year ago, I’ve convinced a few friends (as well as family members) to try these shoes too and they’ve all been impressed by how much the cushioning reduces achy feet.

You can also see the the texture of the cushioning in the picture below. It feels foamy and adds a lot of flexibility and comfort to every step (I swear I am not getting paid to write this, I just love this shoe).

And finally, the age-old question, how does it fit? I find this shoe to be fit TTS as I can wear either a size 6.5 or a size 7. I have medium to wide feet and find these to be a good fit as far as width is concerned. If you have wider feet than I do I would recommend that you size up. If your feet is very narrow then I would urge you to order these with free shipping and free returns because there’s a good chance that these won’t fit properly so plan out your exit strategy with care.  

The Delicious Pump retails for about $129 and if you can get them on sale, as I did, they are a great value for a shoe with leather upper, lining, and sole.

I recently also purchased a second pair in beige after an unfortunate incident which rendered my original pair scarred with black marks (darn you city sidewalks!). I will be attempting to remove the marks in my downtime but in the meantime have a backup pair of my favorite nude pumps to wear with my Spring wardrobe.

I did notice a few differences between the old pair I had and the new pair that I received. The new pair is slightly “pinker” in complexion and is also longer in length. I am not sure if this is just a manufacturing inconsistency or a deliberate change.

So no one needs five of the same shoe but I haven’t found a pair of pumps I liked as much as these so I guess I will take the heat for owning duplicates.

Have you tried the Corso Como Delicious Pump? What are your thoughts?

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