Spring Tweed (Pink, White, and Speckles of Gold)

I am a sucker for tweed. Some people find it a bit mature but I can’t get enough of it. I found this tweed skirt at H&M a few weeks ago but my store didn’t have my size and at the time I thought the the pleat/fold in the front was questionable and might be unflattering so I didn’t pursue it. A week or so ago J and I stopped by a mall food court to grab some Sarku Japan (my go-to mall eat…don’t judge) and we decided to check out H&M while waiting for food court dinner rush to pass.

As soon as I walked in I spotted a full rack of this skirt near the front stalls and, perhaps it was the lighting that day, the skirt stood out to me and practically called out to be tried on. The size 2 fit me perfectly around the waist and the pleat in the front was subtle enough to not create any distractions. After walking around the store with the skirt in hand and trying on the matching jacket (which was gorgeous in concept but just didn’t flatter me), I decided it was worth taking home to ponder further.

And, after some deliberation, I decided to keep it!

H&M blouse (a gift from my friend Alexa) + skirt, J. Crew jacket, Marc Jacobs bag, and Corso Como shoes (also here)

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