Shoe Lust : Sam Edelman Nude Roza Pump & a Small Update

Updated 6/6/2012: $100 today at Neiman Last Call (black or nude). Free shipping with code LCJUN75.

This is a purchase that I felt uncertain about -and since I am trying to be a more conscientious consumer – so I returned it.

A year ago, I would’ve kept these, no internal affliction required. However, a few things stopped me in my tracks this time around.

First, I have no immediate need nor want for a pair of beautiful nude pumps with studs and as I am not 100% satisfied with them, I have the luxury of time. Second, the shoes were a clearance item that came to me with a few blemishes. Third, I ordered size 6.5 which fit but a size 7 would probably be better. Lastly, I just didn’t love them as much as I should for a pair of “trophy” shoes.

I would say if you can snag them on sale for over 50% off these are a great deal. They are very attractive in appearance, moderately comfortable, and more affordable than “like” shoes that are currently available. I would consider them TTS (true to size) but if you are in between sizes I would go  with the larger of two sizes.

A pair of shoes with studs is definitely in my future, I just don’t know that these are it. They are currently on sale through Nordstrom’s for 33% off. I found them at Bloomingdale’s for about 60% off but it is my understanding that the shoes have been on clearance for some time so Bloomies is probably not the best place to look for them. The Suede ones are slightly more discounted. You can also find them on Endless.

Speaking of Bloomingdale’s, and I am sure a majority of you have already heard about this, they recently started a “loyalty” program (called the Loyallist) much like what grocery stores offer (thank you NPR). It is a separate program from the rewards program for credit card holders. I will definitely be tracking the progress of this program and its success (or failure).

As for some of the other purchases from earlier in February, here’s a quick summary. I went on a shopping binge near the end of the month that will probably require further scrutiny but I wanted to give you all a quick update on my decisions. Thank you again for your input, they helped me make up my mind on a few things that I was unsure about.

The HK bag that I absolutely love has been returned. For someone like me, who despises having to empty one’s bag contents into another bag, I have too many handbags.

I have decided to keep only the spicy gold J. Crew pencil skirt. Duplicates are excessive – and I can’t promise I won’t buy them in the future, but these skirts are not a perfect fit so I don’t need them right now.

I decided to keep the rain boots. I know I already have too many but I couldn’t bring myself to send them back.

Jason Wu polka dotted blouse has been returned. The white blouse and black skirt went to a lovely twitter friend.

I kept the nude Miu Miu mary jane pumps and returned the black ones. The Sam Edelman studded pumps, as you found out earlier in the post, have been returned.

I returned the bulk of my H&M purchases (but I have lots of pictures that I will share next week) and kept a few. The two items pictured below were both returned.

I am keeping the Chanel flap. It’s a bag I’ve wanted for years and will probably be the last one I buy in a very long time (I won’t say never because I like to spite myself). I am also keeping the F21 dress and belt. Polka dots are my newest obsession and I can see myself getting a lot of wears out of this dress in the Spring.

 Have a terrific weekend everyone!

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