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I had promised part II to my ASOS review but when I was editing the second batch I realized that many of the pictures were unusable because of underexposure (darn you sun for setting so early). In any case, the only item that I kept is this yellow skater dress (which has since sold out online).

ASOS dress (similar in white), J. Crew necklace, H&M blazer, and See by Chloe bag (also here and here)

And…at this point we are going to take a very sharp turn and talk about some blazers that I bought recently. I should first say that my bf J is an enabler. I don’t even think he realizes it but it is not a coincidence that I never walk out of H&M empty handed…even when I go there with the express purpose of returning things.

Most of the items shown here are misses (for me, on someone else they could look fantastic). You see, store mirrors lie; I always feel 4 inches taller when I stare into the mirror at mall staples like Forever 21 and H&M and I try to counter this sale tactic by bringing J along with me on shopping trips to get a second opinion. What I haven’t learned is that J, in the interest of a peaceful car ride home, will often feed me lies like “that jacket looks great on you! It isn’t too tight, it’s just fitted. The pulling across the chest? You don’t wear your jacket buttoned up anyway.”

Now you know.

H&M Baby Blue One-Button Blazer in sz 2- $59.95?

I loved the color but it’s too small for me. I returned it two weeks ago after taking a hard look at these pictures. It is a bargain if you are in the market for a long blazer in this interesting spring color. I think it may only be available in metropolitan areas…I bought this one in NYC and haven’t seen it in my local store.

H&M Baby Pink Jersey Blazer in sz 2 – $59.95

This is one of my favorite finds from H&M but it’s slightly expensive for H&M even though the quality is impressive. I ended up returning it because I have three or four pink blazers hanging in my closet. This was also available in baby blue.

H&M Black Peplum Jacket sz 2 – $34.95? Will need to check the price tag.

This is one of those jackets that J “really liked” on me. And as a peplum fanatic I took his compliments to heart. I haven’t made up my mind to return this yet but if you want to take it off my hands, just write me.

Esprit Blazer – sz 0 – on sale for just under $40. (Alterations Needed reviewed a similar item recently)

Esprit mirrors are, if I may say so, incredibly misleading. I knew something was off but couldn’t decide if a normal mirror would necessarily sway my decision in one way or another. I then asked J for his opinion and that’s when he said he loved it because he liked the material. I asked him if he thought it was too tight and he shook his head for a good five seconds so I believed him. Imagine my surprise when I came home and took pictures and realized how awful it looked on me because it’s at least a size too small. This blazer was final sale so I don’t even have the option of returning it. If any ladies smaller than me want to take a shot at this, please email  me.

H&M Striped Jersey Blazer  – sz 2 – $49.95

I ended up getting this blazer in a solid navy as well and will probably keep both. I’ve been looking for an affordable striped blazer for some time now and this one fits the bill. I am trying to stay away from duplicates so I am still conflicted.

Do you like shopping by yourself or shopping with a friend? Do you find that your decision to buy something is affected by your shopping companions?

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