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I have been using “OOTD aka Outfit of the Day” loosely in my titles for some time now, possibly due to my lack of originality when it comes to copy. In any case, for me they really should be called “OOTD (from last week)” so in the hope of better organization for this blog, I’ll start tagging casual outfits and work outfits separately.

Warning: feel free to disregard this next part as it is not related to fashion or food.

In addition, and I have tried to exclude heavier subjects from my posts, I have two recent news items that I felt were worth sharing.

First, I don’t know if anyone has been following the music and film industries’ hardened stance on online piracy (and their lobbyists’ efforts to influence policy along the same lines) but by July 12th internet service providers will start implementing a “graduated response” program that will allow them to (attempt to) track and seek out users who are “accused” of illegally downloading copyrighted material and warn them of possible legal action. You can read more about it and join in the heated discussion here. I won’t bore you with a long rant but the bottom line is downloading is not an easily punishable offense so good luck to theses RIAA folks and their partners in justice.

And the next piece of news hits a little close to home for me as I went to school in New Hampshire and still have friends who live there. A new bill, sponsored by Republican state representative Jeanine Notter (who, btw, is a former small town radio host and was a “fitness professional for 10 years” according to her website…I can’t find her medical credentials anywhere), will mandate a 24-hour waiting period and require doctors to tell women seeking abortions that abortions cause breast cancer. I can’t believe the ludicrousness of her claim and will leave you to ponder the state of our affairs when politicians without an ounce of medical knowledge feel competent enough to make legislation pertaining to a health issue. More info here. I won’t debate the morality of abortion here because it’s irrelevant to this legislation but the claim that abortions cause breast cancer does not have the support of any legitimate medical agency.

AA shirt, F21 blazer & shoes, Ann Taylor necklace & belt, Necessary Objects pants and See by Chloe bag

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