Jason Wu for Target® Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse in Blush Dots & Happy Valentine’s Day

I don’t have a Valentine’s Day related post prepared for today so I thought I would share a few pictures of the Jason Wu for Target blouse that I bought on opening day.

Bf and I braved the early morning crowds for the launch (ok, we ambled over at 9:30 thinking it would be a breeze) and was unable to find any of the items (this, this, this, and this) I wanted in my size. We left defeated and decided to instead spend the money on breakfast.

On our way home from a hearty meal we decided to stop by another Target where bf spotted this blouse, which is on the top of my list, in xs. I was ecstatic to be able to go home with a piece from the highly coveted collection.

To be completely honest, I was already having second thoughts about this blouse by the next day (because of its sheerness) but since bf and I went through so much trouble to get it I had to keep it. However, when I put this on for these pictures bf noticed a huge hole in the back that can be mended but I ultimately decided to return it.

Jason Wu for Target blouse, Dahlia dress, J. Crew tights, and Corso Como shoes

I ended up ordering this blouse and this skirt online to try. I’ll have the post ready next week.

And a picture that I have been saving for today…a few weeks ago, my brother, the bf, and I ordered curbside takeout from Outback and discovered that the chicken atop the pasta is heart shaped. We thought it was the neatest thing ever…even though it’s probably unintentional.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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