The February Challenge: Day 4 : Awkward Lengths

There’s often a good reason for why some items never get worn. I can’t count on two hands how many things get passed over by me on a daily basis because of a perceived flaw in length. This skirt is a prime example of that.

Today’s blast-from-the-past was purchased from a TJMaxx runway store in MA a few years ago and at the time I was drawn to the lovely print and had bought it without trying it on. The skirt was marked as a sample item from Versace but I doubt that it actually came from the Italian fashion house.

Yesstyle blouse (similar), TJMaxx skirt, Prada bag, and Ann Taylor shoes

I thought about getting it hemmed on several occasions but never made the effort to actually get the job done. Is it time to finally pull the trigger? Maybe the length is passable off the rack? Or maybe it’ll find a better home in the donation pile?

What would you do with it?

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