The February Challenge: Day 2 & J. Crew Collection Spring 2012 Lookbook

Excuse my weird pose in the pictures. My remote control is in extremis so in every picture I captured I had just recovered from frantically clicking the release button.

The former flame in today’s outfit is a Necessary Objects dress that had been in storage for about a year because it fits so tightly and shortly and is cut so indecently. It’s between a rock and a hard place in that I wouldn’t wear it for a special event (that’s what pink poufy dresses are reserved for) but don’t feel too comfortable wearing it for work.

I think I may have gained a few (not sure how many since I don’t own a scale) since I bought the dress because it now bunches up as I get up after sitting down. sigh. After a few more wears, this will have to be donated.

How do you decide what goes in the donation bin? I sometimes have trouble parting with clothes that I haven’t worn much and then J (the bf) will have to give me that extra push for me to  make up my mind.

Aqua blazer (similar in cobalt), Necessary Objects dress, Ann Taylor necklace, CL shoes


On an unrelated topic, I am head over heels in love with J. Crew Collection’s (the higher-priced line) spring collection. It’s been incredibly nice outside recently (yesterday it was in the high 50’s at midday) so in my mind it’s like Spring has already arrived.

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