Bag Baby : Loungefly Hello Kitty Red Patent Embossed Bag

I let my inner five-year-old get the best of me earlier this month when I succumbed to the sweet lure of Hello Kitty.

Twitter friends helped me decide which color to get when I struggled between the teal and the red. It is also available in brown and a lighter red.

This particular bag looks strikingly like the Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis (but in place of LV logos it is embossed with hello kitty heads and bows).

The bag is very roomy but fairly light. It measures 17 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 7 inches deep. It has a 5 inch strap drop. The zipper zips all the way to the base of the bag so it can fully accommodate larger items. It is constructed from manmade materials so I don’t know how much weight it can sustain at once without breaking.

The bag is, all in all, a worthy purchase for Hello Kitty lovers. I have two small things to nitpick; one of which is a personal preference and the other is structural.

I removed the big red bow hanging tag that the bag came with because I find it a little much (I realize the irony in this…). In addition, I suspect the bag may be dent-prone so I would be careful not to accidentally sit on it or put it under heavy objects.

I realize Hello Kitty embossed accessories are not everyone’s cup of tea but is it too kiddish for someone in her mid-twenties to use casually?

A few other designs that may potentially be of interest if you like this red bag.

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