All About the Ann Taylor Perfect Pump and Perfect Covered Platform Pump : Part II

This is a continuation from Friday’s post. Today I’ll share a few pictures of how the Perfect Pump compares with the Platform Pump.

What the pictures illustrate fairly clearly is that the platform pump is taller and while not too much taller than the 3.5-in heel Perfect Pump, the difference in comfort is pretty substantial.

After I took the pictures, I spent two days breaking in the patent pumps and found that while I can walk around the office in the Perfect Pump without any discomfort (I do kick them off when I am sitting down behind the desk), the Platform Pump becomes somewhat intolerable after about four or five hours.

I also took some comparison pictures of my workhorse black nappa Perfect Pumps (I apologize for their weathered appearance, I wear them several times a week) and the Platform Pump.

The platform does make the height a little more friendly but for women who live in the city and walk a lot to and from the office, the Platform Pump is not the most practical choice.

Lastly, I want to show a few comparison photos of shoes from 2010 and shoes from this past fall.

Platform Pump
Left : 2010 version; Right: 2011 version

The platform pumps do differ slightly in design. From the photos it would appear that the 2010 version (in grayish olive) has a slightly thicker platform and runs slightly bigger than the 2011 version.

As for the perfect pumps, the 2010 version seems to run slightly bigger than the 2011 version. The difference is negligible but this demonstrates why it’s always preferable to buy shoes in person.

Sorry about the delay in getting the second half of this review published. I was having some trouble with the auto-publishing setting.

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