Affordable Suiting : The Limited Complete Suits for $50-70

I am not normally a proponent for the Limited (as I find their clothes to fit slightly big for someone my size) but this is such a great deal if you are slightly bigger than me. And if not, their suits look fairly basic and should be easy to alter if you are skilled in that respect.

The deal: $100 off on purchases including one jacket and any skirt or pants. To make the deal sweeter, use code 241 for $15 off any $50 purchase. Jackets are typically priced between $100-$130 and skirts are in the $50 range.

Sizing: the Limited runs size 0-16 or XS-XL. I find that the 0 runs similarly to size 0’s from Banana Republic. The Limited does not carry a petite selection.

Below is a sample order I put together. The subtotal after the $100 has been deducted is $57.90 and with the extra $15 off and the $8.95 shipping charge, the total comes out to $51.85 (plus any applicable sales tax). A pretty good deal if you are in the market for suits.

Here are some of my picks:

Soft Tailored Jacket | High Waist Pencil Skirt

Modern Jacket | High Waist Pencil Skirt

Stretch Sateen Skirt | Collarless Jacket

Crystal Pleated Midi Skirt | High Waist Inverted Pleat Skirt | Colorblock Pleated Skirt

Exact Stretch Classic Flare Pant | Drew Slim Leg Pant | 678 Colorful Skinny Jean

Will you be getting something?

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