Review: Misikko HanaAir Profession Hair Dryer

My personal philosophy, when it comes to hair, is that low-maintenance is gold. Sadly, my hair is very static-y and is in general unmanageable even on a good day so I try not to bother it too much with excessive products.

The only pieces of styling product I operate when it comes to hair are brushes and hairdryers but since I don’t splurge much on either I was excited to be given the chance to try out a higher end hairdryer. Misikko is a specialty styling products company that carries some of the best hair straighteners and FHI Hair Dryers online. The HANAair Professional Hair Dryer reviewed here is a customer choice product that is very well liked.

The hairdryer came in a giant box with numerous goodies that are beautifully packaged. I wish all retailers would package things this neatly.

hana hair dryer

The hairdryer itself looked pretty intimidating. I am a fairly buff person (if I may say so myself) but at first glance wondered if it might be too heavy even for me. Thankfully it was surprisingly light for its size.

HANAair Professional

In the spirit of adventure, I borrowed bf’s watch and decided to time how long it would take me to dry my hair using my new hairdryer. Here’s a picture of my straggly wet hair, taken about 35 seconds after my shower.

wet hair

I noticed for the first time ever that I don’t blowdry my hair like a human being. It’s a miracle I’ve never caused myself nor anyone else bodily harm.

drying hair

drying hair with hana

In spite of my inability to properly use a hairdryer, my hair was 95% dry within 7 minutes. It’s a pleasant surprise because I have a lot of hair (not the voluminous kind; the flat and sad kind). I officially retired the dainty souvenir of a hair dryer that my mom brought back for me from Japan (one of those last minute gift shop purchases, when she realized she hadn’t acquired a single present for me) after using the Hana one.

I used to wrestle with my old hairdryer for at least half an hour to get my hair to a dry enough condition for winter. This new hairdryer blew its competition out of the water.

dried hair

And a bonus picture: check out my super awesome Hello Kitty toothbrush. I found it at Walmart a few months ago and bought like six of them. The battery runs out pretty quickly – I like to think it’s because I have good oral hygiene and I brush appropriately but it’s really because I randomly brush just so I can play with it.

Life is so much better because of these little things.

hello kitty toothbrush

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Disclosure: The hairdryer reviewed here was gifted to me. No other compensation was received for writing this post. All of the opinion expressed here are my own.

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