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A representative for BeKnown,’s newest venture on Facebook, recently reached out to me about this contest and opened a floodgate of interesting memories.

I was an avid user of when I was in college; it was one of two resources (the other being the college job bulletin) that I closely monitored. In four years of college I was always interviewing and looking for the next internship or work experience to add interest to my resume and along the way I made some mistakes that I now grimace recalling.

My worst interview experience has to be an alumni magazine internship I applied for the summer of my freshman year in college. I was a last-minute applicant and on the day of the actual interview I was packing up my room to move out. I ended up having to change in my car for the interview (no mirror) and showed up to the interview dressed in my best college preppy gear but it was sadly not as appropriate as my 18-year-old self thought.

I did my best to recreate it here. The interview was in the summer so I was in strappy wedges. I donned tights and booties for the photos because it was pretty cold the day I took these photos.

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I didn’t get that internship. While being appropriately dressed for an interview won’t guarantee anyone a job, the person who does walk away with an offer usually dressed the part.

After a few years of working with my college career center and through trial and error, I learned a lot about what’s appropriate for most interviews. I find that it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to choosing an outfit for a job interview.

I always encourage my younger friends just entering the work force to “invest” in a well-tailored suit. No frills or daring colors, just a subtle dark colored skirt or pant suit that work both as separates and as a set.

The outfit I am showing here is slightly unorthodox because navy or black is usually the color of choice for conservative fields like law and finance and skirt suits are typically preferred over pant suits for women.

Make up should be natural and minimal and I personally don’t recommend statement jewelry; a simple single strand pearl necklace should be sufficient. Shoes should be pumps without platform and in a conservative color.

I think the more senior a worker bee becomes, the more leeway he or she has in dressing more daringly. In contrast, unless you are interviewing for a job in the fashion or entertainment business, safe is the key word.

BeKnown, a newly launched professional networking application for Facebook, allows job seekers to set up a professional profile on facebook that is separate from their personal facebook page. One of the most attractive feature about BeKnown is that it allows you to access the job database on without leaving Facebook.

Download BeKnown Facebooks App here
Download BeKnown iPhone App here

To enter to win an amazing prize pack, all you have to do is visit BeKnown’s facebook page via this link. Additional entries awarded for spreading word about the contest.

Included in the prize pack is a Benefit or Ulta beauty kit with a mirror, and a cute but professional business card holder.

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Disclaimer: I am a participant in’s Present the Best You contest. I was not compensated for the writing of this post. The prize packs are provided by

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